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  China China Zebrafish Resource Center http://zfish.cn/
  Japan Drosophila Genetic Resource Center, Kyoto Institute of Technology http://www.dgrc.kit.ac.jp/en/index.html
  Japan Institute of Laboratory Animals, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University http://www.anim.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp/
  Japan National Institute for Basic Biology http://www.nibb.ac.jp/en/index.php
  Japan RIKEN BioResource Center - Experimental Animal Division http://www.brc.riken.jp/lab/animal/en
  Korea Aging Tissue Bank http://aging.pharm.pusan.ac.kr
  Korea Animal Bio Resources Bank http://www.abrb.or.kr
  Korea Arthrophods of Medical Importance Resource Bank http://www.amib.or.kr
  Korea Bovine Genome Resource Bank http://www.bovinebank.kr
  Korea Korea Drosophila Resource Center http://kdrc.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Korea Nation Animal Bioresource Bank http://www.abrb,or,kr
  Korea Parasite Resource Bank http://www.parasite-bank.or.kr
  Korea The Biodiversity Bank of Terrestrial Annelids http://www.annelids.org
  Korea Zebrafish Organogenesis Mutant Bank http://zomb.knu.ac.kr
  Thailand Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden-Animal http://www.qsbg.org
  Thailand Siriraj Dust Mite Center http://www.dustmitethailand.com
  Thailand The Siriraj House Dust Mite Center for Services and Research http://www.dustmitethailand.com/index.php
  Vietnam Institute of Ecology and Biological Resource http://www.iebr.ac.vn/english/homee.asp
  Vietnam Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources(IEBR)-Avifauna http://www.iebr.ac.vn/english/homee.asp
  Vietnam Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources(IEBR)-Molecular Systematics http://www.iebr.ac.vn/english/homee.asp
  China Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
  China Shanhai Renji Hospital http://www.renji.com/
  India ICMR National Tumor Tissue Repository, Tata Memorial Centre http://tmc.gov.in
  India National Liver Disease Biobank
  Korea ChungAng University Hospital
  Korea Global resource bank of parasitic protozoa pathogen http://mrppp.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Human Serum Bank
  Korea Korea Human Bio-repositories Network http://www.koreabiobank.net/
  Korea Korea Lung Tissue Bank http://www.korealtb.org
  Korea Korea Prostate Bank http://www.prostatebank.or.kr
  Korea Korean Cell Line Bank http://cellbank.snu.ac.kr/index.php
  Korea Specimen Bank for Liver Cancer Research http://lcsb.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea The Korean Leukemia Cell and Gene Bank http://www.klcgb.or.kr
  Singapore NUHS Tissue Repository http://medicine.nus.edu.sg/tissue/
  Singapore Singapore General Hospital http://www.sgh.com.sg/
  Singapore Singhealth Tissue Repository http://research.singhealth.com.sg
  Thailand Tissue Repository http://www.cccthai.org
  Australia Australasian Biospecimen Network Association http://www.abna.org.au
  Australia Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank http://www.abctb.org.au
  Australia WIMR Biobank Pilot - Westmead Research Hub
  China Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences http://english.ihb.cas.cn/
  China Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences http://www.im.ac.cn/english1/pi/dongxiuzhu.htm
  China State Key Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology http://english.ihb.cas.cn/
  China Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Chinese academy of Sciences http://english.whiov.cas.cn
  India Gauhati University Freshwater Microalgae Resource Centre http://www.gauhati.ac.in/beta/index.php
  Indonesia Indonesian Center for Biodiversity and Biotechnology http://icbb.or.id
  Japan Genetic Strains Research Center, National Institute of Genetics http://www.nig.ac.jp/english/index.html
  Japan Microbe Division / Japan Collection of Microorganisms, RIKEN BioResource Center http://www.brc.riken.jp/inf/en/index.shtml
  Japan NITE Biological Resource Center (NBRC) http://www.nbrc.nite.go.jp/e/
  Japan National Institute for Environmental Studies http://www.nies.go.jp/gaiyo/index-e.html
  Japan RIKEN BioResource Center - Japan Collection of Microorganisms http://www.jcm.riken.jp
  Korea Bacteriophage Bank http://www.phagebank.or.kr
  Korea Bank for Pathogenic Viruses http://www.kbpv.co.kr
  Korea Center for Fungal Genetic Resources http://genebank.snu.ac.kr
  Korea Culture Collection of Antimicrobial Resistant Microbes http://www.ccarm.or.kr
  Korea Culture Collection of Mushrooms http://www.wildmush.or.kr
  Korea Helicobacter Pylori Korean Type Culture Collection http://hpktcc.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Korea Lichen & Allied Bioresources Center http://kolabic.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Korea Marine Microalgae Culture Center http://www.kmmcc.re.kr
  Korea Korea national Environmental Microorganisms Bank http://www.kbem.or.kr
  Korea Korean Collection for Oral Microbiology http://kcom.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Korean Leukemia Bank http://www.lichen.re.kr
  Korea Metagenome Resource Bank
  Korea Microbial Carbohydrate Resource Bank http://mcrb.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Myxobacteria Bank http://www.myxobank.or.kr
  Korea National Culture Collection for Pathogens http://nccp.cdc.go.kr
  Korea Plant Virus Genbank, Horticultural Science http://www.virusbank.org
  Korea Waterborne Virus bank http://www.wava.or.kr
  Philippines Microbiological Research and Services Laboratory http://nsri.upd.edu.ph/main/
  Thailand BIOTEC Culture Collection, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology http://www.biotec.or.th/bcc
  Vietnam Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology http://imbt.vnu.edu.vn/imbt/index.php/english
  Malaysia Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute http://www.mardi.gov.my
  China Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences http://www.caas.net.cn/engforcaas/index.htm
  China Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences http://english.ib.cas.cn/
  India National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources http://www.nbpgr.ernet.in/#
  Japan Frontier Science Research Center - Division of BioResource http://www.of.miyazaki-u.ac.jp/~kokusai/englishpage/research/frontier/frontier.html
  Japan RIKEN BioResource Center - Experimental Plant Division http://www.brc.riken.jp/lab/epd/eng
  Korea Brassica Resource Bank http://www.brassica-resource.org
  Korea Center for the Korea Potato Genetic Resources Ⅱ http://www.potatobank.com
  Korea Citrus Genetic Resources Bank http://genebankcheju.ecsoft.co.kr
  Korea Ginseng Bank http://www.ginsengbank.org
  Korea Jinan Red Ginseng Research Institute
  Korea Korea Bioactive Natural Material Bank
  Korea Korea Cosmeceutical Material Bank http://www.herbalbank.or.kr
  Korea Medicinal Plant Resources Bank for Immune and Metabolic Disease http://plant.kyungwon.ac.kr
  Korea New Natural Material Bank http://www.nprnd.or.kr
  Korea Plant DNA Bank in Korea II http://pdbk.korea.ac.kr
  Mongolia Plant Protection Research Institute of Mongolia
  Thailand Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden-Plant http://www.qsbg.org
  Vietnam Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources(IEBR)-Plant http://www.iebr.ac.vn/english/homee.asp
  Korea Bank for Polymer Pro-drug Precursor http://bppp.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Bank of Color Tunable Microparticles http://binel.snu.ac.kr/
  Korea Bank of Modified Nucleic Acid Systems http://bmnas.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea Crystal Bank http://crystalbank.com
  Korea Korea National Fusion-Matter Research Resource Center http://knfmrrc.pusan.ac.kr
  Korea Noncentrosymmetric Materials Bank http://knrrb.knrrc.or.kr/index.jsp?rrb=ncsmb
  Korea Peptide Library Support Facility http://www.plsf.or.kr
  Azerbaijan Institute of Soil Science and Agro Chemistry, Azerbaijan National Academy of sciences http://www.science.az/en/aqrokimya/
  India CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University http://www.hillagric.ernet.in
  India Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati-Department of Biotechnology http://www.iitg.ac.in/acad/index.php
  India RGCI & RC BIOREPOSITORY http://www.rgcirc.org/
  Japan National Institute of Genetics http://www.nig.ac.jp/english/index.html
  Japan RIKEN BioResource Center http://www.brc.riken.jp/inf/en/index.shtml
  Japan RIKEN BioResource Center - Gene Engineering Division http://dna.brc.riken.jp
  Japan RIKEN BioResource Center, Cell Bank http://www.brc.riken.jp/lab/cell/english/
  Korea KNRRC
  Korea Korea National Research Resource Center http://www.knrrc.or.kr
  Korea National Environmental Specimen Bank
  Mongolia MONCHEMO Co.,Ltd Science Technology Center
  Thailand Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office http://www.bedo.or.th
  Nepal Nepal
  Pakistan Pakistan Agricultural Research Council http://www.parc.gov.pk/